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Nothing is more important than the welfare of our children. For parts of 180 days of each calendar year, this responsibility is turned over to educators. These professionals are expected to promote social, psychological, and cognitive development through their presence, instruction, modeling and inspiration. It is a remarkable challenge.

While providing clinical services to a child or adolescent, HaML Clinical Associates actively supports academic operations in a number of ways:


We relate to teachers as colleagues

We work in collaborative ways with school staffs; we work to minimize the emergence of the pathological triangle that can inadvertently pit teachers, parents, and therapists against each other as each strives to help a child in distress

While providing input, we defer to school-based professionals for all academic decisions for a child.

While upholding confidentiality, we actively maintain a line of communication with concerned school-based professionals. This arrangement is formalized with a signed consent by a parent or guardian.

Lines of communication can take different forms: participation in team meetings, phone and email communication and feedback provided after we have observed the client in the classroom setting.

We provide informational talks at schools for the parents of students.

We provide a school-based, problem-solving curriculum for middle school and high schools students (See Living Your Life, Living your Leadership, and Turn The Cube)

We also support school-based professionals, organizationally,
in several ways:

We provide—on a confidential basis—mediation for intra-staff conflict (See Mediation)

We provide consultation for a given case

We provide staff development services. Such services range from single, topic-specific presentations to a year-long program focusing on problem-solving skills (See Turn The Cube)

We provide “change” focused consultation, intent on promoting productivity and job satisfaction (See Working with organizations)