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Coffee CupWhat do “How to diet...” and “How to parent...” books have in common? Here's a hint: they have been prominently featured in “best sellers” lists for over fifty years. If you're wondering why these topics have been addressed year after year, you have arrived at the correct answer: no one knows for sure.

The complexity of parenting can be both overwhelming and humbling. It can also be an awful lot of fun and an unforgettable (and long) life journey. We enjoy thinking about parenting and enjoy working with parents. While we have dismissed some parenting theories (e.g., the one put forth by Robert Sears in the 1950s that emphasized the importance of the “toilet training” phase of development), we continue to wonder what is actually involved in “effective parenting.” In the past we had shared our ponderings in a local paper. We'll share some of those columns here. We'll also put forth new “on-line” parenting ideas for your consideration.

If you have an insight that has particularly served you well in your parenting efforts, please send it along. If we post it, you will be formally acknowledged—with your permission, of course.