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Conference roomGroup meetings are often paradoxical in character. While potentially producing important, outcomes while affirming the work group’s identity and purpose, the thought of such meetings can stir dread and/or strong impulses to avoid. The negative associations tied to “group meetings” can be usually traced to real events: meetings marked by inefficiency, lack of focus, poor time management, purposeful wandering from the agenda (if one exists), and the absence of substantive output.

Tim“Tim” is literally our poster boy for effective facilitation. In his original life during the 1920s, he was a promotional advertisement for a Swiss hotel; now, in our conference room, he represents all the attributes of an effective facilitator: readiness, purposefulness, efficiency, and a steady, pleasant temperament. We offer such a person to facilitate a meeting for a work group here in Needham, the group’s place of work, or at an “off-site” location.

Our conference room can comfortably accommodate 12 adults and in a pinch, up to 16 individuals. A smaller, adjoining “breakout” room is available for more private, side bar conversations and telephone calls. We are “wired” and video filming is available to record meetings.

The office is easily accessed by train (The Needham Heights stop on the Purple line out of South Station) and public parking is one block away.